For more information about the Block Data Center Mobile, please contact Kevin Keating at 702-509-9627.

Colocation is extremely expensive, and latency to outside facilities may not support your critical applications. Building an enterprise data center usually takes 9-18 months.  If your company has urgent data center requirements, our Block Data Center Mobile (BDCM) might be the right solution. With everything designed and built offsite, our scalable BDCM can be delivered to your campus in 16-20 weeks while the site work is being completed. Our Nema 4 outdoor enclosures are built with a power module and seperate server modules for your racks. You decide on the size of the power module and the number of server modules for your needs.

Our Team delivers a seamless delivery throughout the process:

Module Construction and Leasing Services: Telecom Real Estate Services

Onsite Construction Management: Several Contractors approved

Management and Network Operations Services: Total Site Solutions

Site Survey and Architectural Services: Pacific Design Group

Our modules are fully designed, tested, and commissioned by our integration team before delivery and at the site during commissioning. We provide complete product lifecycle management with full management services. Best of all, we provide an easy lease payment to spread the cost over the term.