About Us

Our team has designed and constructed millions of feet of Carrier Hotels and Data Centers. Our experience in every aspect of these technical facilities will considerably reduce the time for evaluation and deployment of your plan.

Kevin Keating, CEO of Telecom Real Estate Services manages the Block Data Center Team. Kevin has 25 years of successful real estate and development experience.  Click this link for a printable pdf brochure about TRES.

Eric Berman leads our Infrastructure Services team. With over 35 years of experience in construction management, he achieves significant cost savings.  Based in Los Angeles, he drives the design team to be cost and quality leaders.

Our Infrastructure Services division manages all aspects of facility development, from design through construction through commissioning. This division ensures that every aspect of the project is considered and that a fully integrated solution is delivered in the most timely and cost-efficient manner. After your enhanced core and shell is complete, our team will complete the project and act as construction manager on an open book basis. If you have your own design team - we will work closely to ensure that we meet your deadlines.

Project Management
Our Project Management team delivers quality engineered and constructed facilities that operate at the greatest cost efficiencies.  From concept to completion, your project is our first priority. Our Project Managers work closely with you to define the scope, budget, and timing of your project. Once in the system, we manage each project to deliver it on time and on budget, creating rigorous reporting and administrative procedures to ensure that the team is meeting its commitments.

Our Project Managers are mandated to perform “early evaluations” and "value engineering" to address all critical issues up front, and to manage the right plan for the size and scope of your project:

Schedule Management
Cost Control
Construction Management
Clear Title Compliance
Design and Engineering

We have been working with our lead design team since 1999 and have a close working relationship to provide seamless execution. If you want to bring your own team to the project, we are open to working with all seasoned professionals. The key to a successful technical facility is the integrated electrical/ mechanical design with our dedicated construction team.


Kevin Keating, Founder and CEO

702-509-9627(direct dial)

213-785-2046(Google Voice- Follows him anywhere)




Eric Berman, VP Construction Services



Catherine Gibson, Manager Operations